What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. Let’s first know what a search engine is. We all know about Google. Whatever information we need, we search on Google and Google provide us that information within no time. Similarly, there are more such search engines. Example. Bench. Duck, duck, go. Yahoo. But most of us rely on Google for everything we need to search for.

What do these search engines do?

Search engines search all the websites and, as a result, give us the most relevant information we have asked for. for every different query we have. Different results. We might be searching for products and services. tours and travels, malls, restaurants, or whatever the need might be. Let me explain this to you in a few steps.

Now let’s assume I am searching for the best restaurant near me.

  1. Google would it will locate me.
  2. It will search all the information on the websites and find all the restaurants near my location.
  3. It will search for reviews and ratings of all the restaurants.
  4. It will show me a list of restaurants, starting with the best and the nearest restaurant to me.

With this, we can understand that Google will show a list of restaurants, the first of which will be the one that might satisfy all my needs. So, I might check a few of them on the list, maybe 3 to 5, but I won’t check all of them.

So, from here, we understand that, to get more business, we need to be at the top of the list of search engines. And to be on top, we need to follow a long list of search engine criteria.

Search engine criteria to be followed

  1. Website content.

Search engines check whether the content is relevant or not. Whether it will satisfy the user’s query or need They check how much a user is referring to your website for their queries. For this, you need to write the content carefully. Try to use a keyword. as much as possible, but don’t put it anywhere because it will look like that. You have stuffed the keyword, so don’t stuff the keyword. Try to use keywords in your headings or the titles that you are writing. Make sure titles are not too big. The meta description should be appropriate and relevant to the topic. When a user is searching for something, he should find it in your title and meta description. The content in your title and meta description should be informative, descriptive, and interesting. that it should make the user interested in getting into your website. More the people visit your website, more it will improve your website ranking on search engines.

  1. user-friendly website.

your website should be. Secure website. It should have SSL enabled. It should be a fast-loading website. If your website doesn’t load fast, then most of the users who were trying to visit it might navigate to another website because yours wasn’t loading. It should be a user-friendly website. When I talk about “user-friendly,” I meant to say that it should be accessible on all types of devices. like a mobile laptop PC. or any other type. It should have easy-to-understand language with a readable font for the users. It should have all the types like “menus,” “contact us,” “FAQs,” and others as per your website or page requirements. It should be easy to navigate. And also, it should have a site map, which enables the user to know what pages are on your website.

  1. Ageing factor.

We all know that as we grow, we become more and more sensible. And we slowly attain maturity, just as with our website, as time passes by. We keep updating our website as per market strategies, user requirements, and our products and services. Ranking of website increases, visitors start increasing with the time and hence our popularity increases and in return our website starts ranking higher and higher day by day.

  1. Keyword

Google ranks our website on the basis of keywords. User is search info. We need to work on the keywords. We need to use the keywords that are mostly searched by the users and that are relevant to our products, services, and website page description. Keyboards are one of the most important factors that connect our website with consumers. Try to use the most commonly searched words as keywords, and make sure that these keywords are relevant to your content. You can use words, phrases, or tag lines for your products or services. This will create uniqueness and highlight your brand name. When consumers see something different and unique, they get attracted, and they will visit your website. So, this brings more traffic to your website. As the traffic increases, the ranking on search engines also increases.

  1. Know your audience and your competitors.

When we are doing search engine optimization, that is the first thing we need to understand. What kind of audience are we targeting? And this depends on the industry we are working in. For example, if I am working for a training institute, I will focus on students. That means my audience will be students, so my content and keywords will be according to their searches. Knowing your audience is not enough; you need to know them. Who are your competitors and you need to study what strategies they are applying to get more business. Once you study what strategies your competitors have applied, you can apply a better strategy and rank higher than your competitors. You can also study about what keywords they have chosen so that you can. Take an idea from there, or you can choose better. keywords or phrases that will attract more consumers.

So, all in all, I would say that SEO is the most important factor when you talk about digital marketing? So, while doing SEO, please take into account all these factors, and I’m sure success will be on your way.

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