What is E-mail Marketing?

What is E-mail Marketing?

In this new world, everything is digital. So even the marketing has changed its strategy towards a digital platform to reach customers. in this digital platform, e-mail is one of the cheapest and easiest platforms to reach the targeted customers. Lots of things can be done and achieved via e-mail marketing.

Why E-mail marketing?

Using e-mails, you can reach your potential customers. You can do brand awareness. You can update customers about your new products and services. You can send offers to your potential customers. With this, you can engage and retain them. You can send invitations for your product launch or any new branch opening. You can send newsletters that brief them about your brand and current happenings. It can be a business-to-business e-mail where you are a seller, briefing about your product and services to a giant E-commerce company.

You can customize your emails. You can put advertisements, you can put pop-ups, or even PDFs or images, videos, or whatever suits your requirement.

Two sides of the same coin

Pros of E-mail marketing:

  1. It is the cheapest tool through which you can get connected to your valuable customers.
  2. You can send your message to a large number of customers all at once.
  3. Here you have the option of CC and BCC, so you can maintain privacy for the customers.
  4. Here you can send links to your website and increase organic traffic to it.
  5. As per the data analysis, you can decide what kind of offer you should make or which products or services they would like, and accordingly, you can frame your content for particular customers.

But for all this, first of all, the subject line in your email should be very attractive. If a customer likes it, then he will open your email, and all the above things are possible.

Cons of E-mail marketing:

  1. Many customers might not even open your email; it will go unread.
  2. Your emails might land in your customer’s SPAM folder, which he never checks.
  3. Some people might not open it out of fear that it might have a virus.
  4. Sometimes your subject line might not be that attractive as compared to others.
  5. Sometimes your offers might not be as good as those your competitors are providing. So, to get this right, you have to study the market strategy and send the email accordingly.
  6. Some e-mail services are free, while others are not. They might charge you with respect to the content and the images you are embedding in your email.
  7. You must ensure that your e-mail is accessible across all devices and operating systems.
  8. Make sure the email is not too large. if the content is not useful for customers. He might not open your email next time.
  9. Most of the time, your e-mail is left unopened and ignored.

You can send various types of emails to your customers, each with a different perspective.

  1. Welcome e-mails.
  2. Invitation e-mails.
  3. Promotional e-mails
  4. Emails of gratitude or courtesy
  5. Newsletter e-mails.
  6. Lead-nurturing emails
  7. Confirmation e-mails.
  8. Survey emails.

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