What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing?

In digital marketing this is a marketing strategy, it helps us to increase the visibility of our website in any search engines like Google. Not only this, but it also helps us to build brand awareness in this digital world. Here In this strategy, we include paid results to be displayed on the top in the SERPs.

Use of Search Engine Marketing in Digital marketing

SEM strategy is mostly used by the companies, who want to showcase their products and want customers to buy their products.

Whenever user searches for the keyword you have bid on, your website will appear on top. But this strategy works only if you want to sell something. If user is searing some information like ‘what is Digital marketing?’ then the results will be organic.

Now let me say, if you have started a new business and you want to reach customers easily and swiftly, here you can use SEM. SEM works swiftly as it is a paid strategy it diverts customers on your website as soon as they search for the keywords you have bid for. Visitor will be diverted on your website or advertisement. Here if your content is informative and offers are attractive, Visitor would explore more about your products and services. He might keep coming back for more updates. SEM slowly and steadily helps grow your business. As SEM diverts visitors on your website, your visibility increases and your website ranks higher in the Organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

In this strategy the digital marketer bids on the keywords. For this you need to know how much you can spend on the bidding and which keywords you want to bid on.

Difference Between SEM and SEO

If we keenly see, both SEM and SEO help us grow our business, but in different ways with different strategy.


If we talk about SEM in this strategy, we pay to google so that our website or advertisement are shown on top in SERPs. This helps in visibility of our website.


In this strategy we make sure that the content in our website is relevant to the keywords searched by the visitors and also it is informative for them. If a visitor finds what he was looking for then this will help increase ranking and visibility of our website.

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